Looking For Inspiration: Where Designers Can Find It

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Creative designers do a lot of work that we see every day. Whether it is a poster on the wall or the cover of a magazine, creative work graces many places. Considering we see different design examples every day, it is not a surprise that some designers sometimes run out of ideas. That can be a troubling thing since that is where they get their income. Fortunately, sources of inspiration can be found everywhere. If you are facing your creative drought, here are some potential sources of inspiration.

Gazing At The Natural World

One of the best and easiest ways to get some inspiration is to look at nature. A simple walk around the park can be an excellent way to get creativity flowing. Seeing the greenery and the shape of the trees can get you thinking about how to apply it. It is not just plants and scenery. Look at animals and the shape of their bodies. For example, cats have bodies that are sleek and effective in their way. The feline form can inspire art and designs that emphasize these features.

Mining Nostalgia

If you have positive memories of the past, then you can look towards it for some inspiration. Several things in the past can spark an idea in you. For example, looking at TV show memorabilia or an old movie can get you thinking about past design ideas and how to give homage or tribute to these iconic images. The retro art design is pretty popular, with many artists taking inspiration from the 40s and 50s. It would be best if you considered looking into other decades. The 90s are far back enough that reviving it can be interesting. Past ideas have some worth, and giving your twist can be a big help.

Going Online

The internet can be a major source of inspiration. It gives you access to millions of images, from formal art to the latest modern pieces. The important thing is to avoid plagiarism. The main goal of going on the internet is to see an idea that you can bring a modern twist. You can do a Google search, and you already receive a lot of images to look at. There are also dedicated art sites that let you see what other people are doing. Sites like Deviantart and Behance give hints on how you can approach your creative block.

Look Into Your Library


Every artist should have a small library of books. Whether it is books or art or some technical instructions on your craft, reading what books you have can provide you with a spark on how to handle your block. It is not just the basic books either but various ones like the classics or something similar. Additionally, there are books out there that can help with creativity. Having one or two of these can be a big help. Look at the creativity section of the book store and see what books can interest you.

Do Some Window Shopping

Shopping can be a great experience when you go out. Doing some retail therapy can guide you to what you like and what is out there. But you don’t have to buy anything. Just simply going to stores can be enough to spark your creativity. For one, it allows you to see the current pop culture. If you want to be marketable, you need to focus on what everyone is buying, and you can see that with a visit to the stores. A lot of artists isolate themselves, and they don’t understand the current appetite among the public. Additionally, seeing artistic work in public can allow you to present your twist on things.

Enjoying A Meal

It might surprise you how a simple meal can spark creative design. Various dishes out there can be considered works of art. For example, look at the green and white of a sushi roll, and you might find something inspiring. Some chefs even have incredible presentation skills that can make a dish look like anything. Inspiration from food can come in various ways. The combination of colors and textures is just one level of it. The smells and tastes can also contribute to new creative ideas for your projects.

Getting the spark of creativity back can be a challenge, but it can work. All it takes is the right source, and you can have your creative juices back in full strength. Seek out inspiration in various places and start experimenting to see what you can get. The best thing to remember is to keep on trying, and you’ll soon overcome that block.


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