Why Taking More Risks Is Good for You

Taking risks

Many people are afraid to take risks. Some are simply fearful of the unknown. Others are afraid of failure. But if you choose not to take any risks and just stay in your comfort zone, you will find it hard to achieve greater success.

Taking chances won’t always lead to success. Failure is okay; even the most successful people have also experienced failure at some point. But the one thing that is never okay is refusing to learn from failure after taking risks.

While it is true that there are things not worth taking risks, there are also situations wherein your best bet is to take calculated risks. If you need more reason to start taking risks, the following can help change your mind:

Stand out from the crowd

Many people want to prove themselves to others but fail miserably. The reason is their failure to make an impact and stand out from the crowd. It is not enough that you have the skills and experience to take on a better position. If you can’t offer your audience something useful and unique, you cannot grab their attention and become more successful.

Avoid what-ifs and further regret

One thing that will nag you for many years is the lingering questions of “what ifs.” Not taking any risks at all will make you think of all the different results and scenarios if you have ever taken the chance and dared to grab an opportunity or two. For instance, you have written many poems and dream of one day seeing your book of poetry being sold and read by many people. If you don’t take the chance and start self-publishing your own poetry book, then you won’t know for sure if anyone will appreciate your hard work at all. This can lead to further regret because you have let an opportunity pass.


You can gain a competitive advantage

There is a reason many competitive people can achieve better success. They are willing to take chances that some people are too afraid to take. The more people who are afraid and unwilling to take risks, the less competition you have.

Taking risks early means more time to redeem yourself

Young people have the advantage of time, be it in their careers, relationships, or investments. The earlier you take risks, the more lessons you learn, and the more time you have to make up for all the mistakes you have made. You may lose a huge chunk of money or even tarnish your reputation. But since time is on your side, you have the advantage that not many of your older counterparts have. You have time on your side to learn more from your mistakes and choose more opportunities to grab or let go.

These are just four reasons to try taking more risks. You can learn from experience, whether you fail or succeed. You can stand out and gain an advantage not only against your competitors but also your past self. You may experience failure here and there. But what matters is that you learn from experience, gain more confidence, and make it a point to try harder and redeem yourself.


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