Photogenic Future: How Quality Photos Improve Your Business Marketing

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Visual communication is persuasive. With society’s extensive use of the internet, you’ll likely engage more than half of your consumers through social media. These are platforms crowded with photos, and the challenge to your business is to present ones that will set you apart.

It’s not surprising anymore that photos play a crucial part in your marketing efforts. What is surprising, though, is how some still underestimate its ability to push or pull brands. If you’re mystified by the enigmatic yet straightforward tool that is a photograph, here are three reasons that can help you grasp it:

You Communicate First Through It

Piotr Winkielman, a UC San Diego social psychologist, conducted experiments to show the emotional impact of words and pictures. They discovered that emotive images affected people more than emotive words did. This goes to show that photos have the power to sway consumers.

If you’re tempted to DIY your photos, remember that quality isn’t reliant only on the equipment you use. Editing plays a crucial role in highlighting your product, especially with today’s eagle-eyed shoppers.

Online shopping changed consumer behavior in the past years. Now more than ever, they rely on photos to decide whether they’ll make a purchase. Tapping agencies with jewelry photo retouching services and similar means to improve your outputs can mean the difference to your sales. Photos, after all, are your best salespeople in the virtual shopping world.

You Anchor your Brand Identity on It

Photos establish your aesthetic. They’re messengers that tell customers about the demographic you cater to, and the quality of your products.

Good photos streamlined to your branding create a recall. They make it easier for consumers to differentiate you from your competitors. Without harnessing the power of photos to create this competitive edge, you fall behind and risk blending with the mediocre.

It’s always a good investment to work with a photographer that can capture the essence of your brand. Better if you can tell stories through your photos. These are the kind that stimulates the imagination and makes them think, “I want that.”


Your Engagement Depends on It

Do you think you’ve got a witty title and entertaining content? Great. The only problem is that the photo you chose didn’t compel anyone to read.

Research shows that the brain processes images faster than other forms of data. With only a few seconds to capture people’s attention online, you need to make sure that each photo counts.

Engaging with them isn’t the end of it, though. Through consistency, you can also use it to keep their attention. People are more likely to revisit your site if you use a streamlined aesthetic of high-quality photos than if you post random things, even if they’re also of high quality.

Tap into imagery’s influence on emotions to compel action. Those that own vacation rental homes use photos that make people imagine lounging next to the swimming pool or enjoying a movie in their private theater. The level of engagement you have with your customers depends on how you use this tool.

Humans are visual creatures. It’s not difficult to attract the eyes with the right combination of elements in photos. The only remaining question is whether you’ll step up your game and outplay your competition in style.


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