Understanding the Art of Vlogging amid a Pandemic

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Even before the pandemic struck, the world of vlogging has already been a flourishing industry. Influencers on YouTube have been creating video content for several years now. During the pandemic, even non-influencers have been exploring the art of vlogging. Since the quarantine period started, many of us have found the need to start a new hobby to stay preoccupied.

Vlogging has evolved to become a great tool to engage with consumers online. The word “vlog” is a portmanteau of video and blog, wherein a vlog creates video content in the casual tone of a blog. Vlogging as a medium can revolve around various topics, much like blogs. The topics range from reviewing a product to sharing a cooking recipe with the audience.

For those getting married, they can even vlog about their wedding planning details. A professional wedding videographer can provide excellent services for events that you can eventually share with your target audience. The topics of vlogging touch on various interests.

Through various platforms, mainly YouTube, influencers and vloggers have found ways to monetize the act of vlogging. This is one of the reasons why many individuals have started exploring this completely digital world.

Vlogging Evolution

Creating vlogs has become a pastime of many individuals from various generations. Whether working on your own or with a team, anyone can start a vlog on a video-sharing platform.

From Ryan Higa to KevJumba, YouTube stars have found ways to innovate the vlogging experience. These days, around 500 hours of video are being uploaded on YouTube per minute. This number has drastically increased from only uploading 24 hours of video every minute. The wide range of vloggers these days has greatly increased, providing various niche content for different interests.

Nowadays, almost anyone with a smartphone can set up a vlog and start making money with effective and engaging content.

Starting a Vlogging Channel

Many young kids these days dream of becoming video content creators. This is often due to the virality and the money involved in making supposed simple videos that they can easily churn out daily. For those who want to explore the world of vlogging, check out how you can start your own vlog.

To gain a loyal YouTube following, you have to be consistent and be your real self. Authenticity is the key to communicating with the audience well nowadays. These days, online content consumers can easily detect if a content creator is doing it for the money to make sure you remain authentic.

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As mentioned, another aspect that is essential in content creation is being consistent with your posts. You have to consistently be active on social media and on your video channel to make sure you don’t lose your followers’ attention. You have to fight perfectionism by following a strict content creation schedule. Perfectionism can hinder you from churning out content which may greatly delay your progress as a content creator.

To gain a valuable following, you have to consider taking on collaborations to engage more audiences online. Again, it all boils down to authenticity. Make sure your collaborations remain organic, or else your audience will be able to sense that you are only doing it for the views and online engagement.

Also, you can’t expect to gain money on YouTube overnight. No matter how good your content is, you still have to spend time waiting on the right audience to catch on to your niche. Just be patient because all your efforts will eventually pay off over time.

Lastly, the most important thing these days of digital technology is to protect yourself from negative comments online. Take care of your mental health despite being active on social media. Becoming an online personality often comes with setbacks, such as negative comments that can’t be avoided. You need to avoid reading these comments and make sure you have a strong support system in real life. Your support system is there to make sure your YouTube journey does not harm your mental health in the long run.

Starting a vlog these days might be more difficult than before because there is a lot more competition on the market nowadays. Despite this, the mere act of starting a vlog is, in fact, simple enough for anyone with a smartphone. Try your hand at the craft and see if it’s for you.

Vlogging Is Storytelling

In any case, whether you are making a simple vlog or a full-length film, people are often drawn to a story. For years, we have been great storytellers of our history. In line with this tradition, people are often attracted to great stories that they can resonate with and educate them about the ways of the world.

No matter how simple your vlog topics are, great storytelling techniques will benefit the flow of your vlog and how people will react to your content.

Starting a vlog amid the pandemic can be a great hobby. Depending on your vlog niche, your content can also educate and inform your audience of how your quarantine life has been like. This can create a sense of community that can greatly contribute to our mental health during these stressful times.


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