12 Craft Business Ideas For Creative People

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Creativity has many different expressions. Most of the time, it starts out as a hobby. Some probably have the natural inclination to music or are gifted in drawing and painting. Others are probably good with their hands and tools and have taken to woodworking and crafts.

While some highly-creative people were able to make decent careers out of their passion. Some became professional dancers while others made use of their Photoshop knowledge for e-commerce product image editing companies. However, others weren’t as lucky but still kept it as a hobby.

With the pandemic and all, a lot of folks started to make money out of things they are passionate about and good at. 2020 has seen a lot of home-based businesses launched because these people decided to earn from their hobbies to bring food to the table.

For the creative minds with skilled hands, here are some business ideas you can easily do at home:

1. Arts and Crafts Supplies Shop

If you love arts and crafts and have enough money for capital, an arts and crafts supply shop might be right up your alley. You can set up an online shop or, if you have enough space on your property, convert a space into a physical shop.

2. Greeting Card Making

Just because we’re living in a digital age doesn’t mean greeting cards are over and done with. In fact, the industry has been experiencing a rebirth of some sort with millennials as the top consumers today. Now would be a good time to get back into creating greeting cards.

3. Jewelry Making

There are several types of jewelry that you can conceptualize and craft by hand. You can come up with fun designs for bracelets and necklaces using beads or make pendants and rings with precious metals. The possibilities are endless. You can sell them online or work on commission projects. Either way, it’s a great way to make money on the side.

4. Ceramics Making

If you’re not really into jewelry making, then perhaps pottery and ceramics are your thing. You can make using household items like plates, bowls, or vases and sell them to your friends or online.

5. Candle Making

Since people are now mostly staying at home, a lot of them have taken home decorating a lot more seriously to make their stay indoors as pleasant as possible. Candles are one of the top home decors that people have bought online. You can make them scented or unscented and sell them online or in stores.

6. Toy Customizing

Toys, particularly adult collectibles, continue to be in demand in the toy collecting community. If you have exceptional customizing skills with a great eye for detail, you can make a killing in this field.

7. Handbag Customizing

Just like toy customizing, there is also a growing demand for handbag customizing as more and more people prefer to have more personalized things to reflect their personality and character.

8. Woodworking

People who are skilled with tools and are creative can take up woodworking and design and build a home or office furniture. If you have a workshop at home, you’re already set. You don’t really need high-end equipment for this. All you need are your handy tools and the right ideas and you can already get started.

9. Caricature and Painting

For those who are artistically inclined, offering your services for commissioned artwork is a great way to make money. You can even sell your artwork online whether it’s a simple caricature, a pin-up, comic book art, or oil painting, You just need to tap into the right market but once you make those significant connections, there’s so much money-making potential in it.

10. Floral Artistry

Flowers can also be a creative outlet that offers money-making possibilities. If you’re quite skilled with flower arrangements, you can offer your services to create bouquets and centerpieces. Being a floral artist is definitely a business venture you should consider.


11. Art Workshop Teaching

If you’ve acquired enough know-how and experience in a certain art or craft, you can help teach or facilitate art workshops or start one on your own.

12. Blogger

Start a blog or vlog but don’t be just like any other blogger. Turn your expertise with your arts into content for your site. You can make how-to videos or give reviews on certain products or anything relevant and interesting to your target audience.

There are a lot more things that you can do to add to your income. Don’t be afraid to turn those hobbies into a business. Sometimes, you just need to jump to know if you can fly.


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