8 Effective Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

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Moving to a new apartment or condominium is one stressful yet life-changing event in the lives of young professionals. They will most likely look for small properties near the metro because smaller spaces offer lower rent and utility fees. Unfortunately, some young professionals think there is no option to make a small room appear bigger.

With technology’s continuous advancement, you will never run out of options for decorating and making your space look better. Below are simple yet effective tips you can do to turn your dull room into a lively and spacious-looking one.

Remove All the Clutter

Having too much stuff in a small space will make the entire room look cramped up. Keeping a small room look spacious starts with decluttering. Start by reducing your decorative accessories, including artificial plants, and removing some items that have no purpose at all.

If you do not want to store some of your displayed items, make sure you organize them properly on a shelf that does not take away precious floor spaces. If you neatly arrange your furniture and belongings, the room will look orderly and spacious.

Choose a Simple Color Scheme

Never use a dark-colored scheme for a small room, as this will make the space look tight and create a suffocating feeling. It is best to use lighter color palettes because they give you the impression of a larger, breathable space.

When choosing a color palette, consider your room as ‘one cohesive space’ and avoid using multiple colors or designs.

Add Stripes to the Wall

In the design world, stripes are one of the illusions that make things appear bigger. Vertical lines give the illusion of height, while horizontal stripes are for length. Make sure to select a color or design that complements well with furnishings.

You can use paints or wallpapers as the stripes for your wall so long as they are on the same color palette as the room’s primary color. Consider adding custom wood prints to your walls to accentuate the light-colored room.

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Use Light-colored Flooring

Just like the walls and ceiling, it is wise to use light-toned flooring. But, most property owners do not allow their tenants to change the room’s flooring of their rental home. If changing the floor’s color is not an option, consider buying light-colored carpets or rugs.

These remedies somehow help conceal the floor of your room and divert anyone’s attention to the wall or the furnishings.

A Well-lit Room

Regardless if it is artificial or natural light, a small room will always look spacious if it is well-lit. Never use large and heavy draperies. Use window blinds instead. During the day, roll up the window blinds to allow outdoor light to come through your space. Aside from keeping the room bright, you also save a lot from your electricity.

Installing lamps, recessed lighting, and track lights are highly recommended artificial lighting you can install in your room.

Using Mirrors

Mirrors are the ideal accessories you should install in your room. They work like magic and can make a room appear twice as large as its actual size. You can install the mirror in an entire stretch of wall or a sliding closet.

More than just decorative items, mirrors also have two benefits to tenants of small rooms. They reflect the light coming from lamps and recessed lights, making the room brighter during nighttime and giving the feeling of being organized and neat.

Using Multifunctional Furniture

You have probably seen a lot of videos on social media networks about multifunctional furniture, and you should consider getting one. You can now easily find such furniture and have it delivered in your place with just a few scrolling and clicking.

There are available sofas that also serve as a storage space, an ottoman that turns into five ottoman seats, and a fitted wardrobe that conceals a folding bed. Just be imaginative, and you will indeed find more multifunctional furniture.

A Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinet, Drawer, and Shelf

Having these kinds of furniture will save you a lot of space. They will be your space-saving storage that will also emphasize the height of your wall. You can opt to call a cabinet builder to have one made for your room, or you can purchase it at the nearest furniture store and have it delivered.

You do not have to stress yourself too much on making your small space look bigger. Following the smart tips provided should help you achieve the comfort you are looking for. You will spend on the improvements, but it will be worth it once you see the results.


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